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team kickoff

team kickoff - as planned

 goal work on the teams vision and mission

15 people
6.5h with 1h lunch in between
wish to include lego

## start

impromptu networking ending with "and that its why i am here"
a sociocratic round afterwards to learn from the group.

driver setup

the four parts of the s3 driver topics on the tables.
idea: one group is building the current situation, the other is builing the needed environment.
the matching consequences and impact can be made during the review of the built figures.
hopefully this makes it a fun exercise to formulate a driver.
or in other words: the left side in lego, the right side with interpretations using cards.

mission or plan

after hopefully consenting to the driver we can go on inviting them to an ecocycle planning. so all todos can be sorted and prioritised according to the fresh formulated driver.

 part 2

25/10 everyone takes one most important card. after 25/10 the backlog is ready to be worked on.

what really happened


setting the stage

first we made the impromptu networking, followed by a s3 round. resulting in people who are in one half clueless what to expect, the other with cleaer wishes what should happen.

collecting data?

s3 driver with lego. so current situation and effect, later needs and consequences.

 current situation

setup were 4 tables to put some legos on. the 18! people split themselves into groups. on each table each person was invited to build their personal current situation in lego.
after ten-ish minutes, we made the serious play thing to present in a round on their own table to the other 3 or 4. clearing questions, have a common understanding.

imagined a combination of those current situations i ask each table to write down notes to describe the current situation and also the effect of it. in the end each table had both.

in the meantime i put 4 chairs into the middle of those 4 tables. preparing a fishbowl. so representatives of the 4 tables can start presenting and also discussing their points. together with the table members in the back to support arguments.

we resulted in two flipcharts with all cards combined. describing the current situation and the according effect.

needs and consequences

oops, lunchtime. i made the "copperfield hands" thing to wake them up again.
i skipped the idea of the ecocycle planning and offered more time formulating the driver.

i let them mix again, so 4 maximal different groups could be created. those groups had the task to build the needs directly together and watch for consequences of them that are hopefully in place imagined the needs are satisfied.

after observing the groups and remembering them to have correlating consequences with value. and hopefully and imagined a price for the needs that is resulting in a even more value consequence.

ha, gave them the opportunity to merge two tables and their cards into one. giving them more time to discuss.

then merging the two merged tables. like 1:2:all but with a lego "thing".

it resulted really in one consented artifact.

i used that interupt to ivite them to write a two sentence vision from each person. and put them into a 25/10. that was fun. so we hade a vision sentence winner or the best 4. and closed it with a last s3 round for how was it for you and maybe one wish.

and now i am tired but happy ;)