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# okr workshop

# okr workshop

i had my first workshop to collaboratively write and commit to OKRs for the upcoming quarter. some overarching objectives were already there. i was live deciding what happened next. this is how it went.

first i startet with a silent minute i am used that just for ;) so we dreamed the realistic dream of how it feels after the summer, after the quarter, having christmas coming up again and what realistically was achieved of the stuff that we could put into okrs.

then i used "impromptu networking" to let everyone explain what will happen during the next quarter and end after one minute with "thats why i am here, today". just to sharpen the dream content and to practice courage to share it with others

next up we made a 25/10 so we could create a first order for key results without thinking of the Os. that was a lot of fun like always and i used a beatboxed version of "march of the gladiators" to give it a #circus feeling running around and exchanging key results. afterwards we ordered ourselves according to the sum and put the post-its to a flipchart along and S so it fits into space and i didnt paint a large Z for reasons. i prepared myself for bingo stuff thats nearly meaning the same to put it together and sum it up, but that doesnt happen. so each person had a unique goal. #homework what to do with that.

i placed then after a coffee break the 4 objectives inside the rounds of the large S and asked if there are relations from the keyresults to the Os. and yes it was a from O to KR some one to many relations. what also surprised me and made it easier.

after this step i placed the 4 Os and their KRs on 4 different tables to try somehow a world cafe to add real measurements to the raw goals that we named key results. having 4 teams to visit one station after the other to improve or add measurements it ended up with a looot of post-its. One participant was observing that and told the others what about slicing that down more to the essence. 

so the group self managed to refine all the pieces and ended up in taking away superfluous cards as "activities" for the upcoming sprint instead of being OKRs. 

the cleaned up result was fine for all of the participants and i was lucky to survived the first okr collaborative writing & commiting workshop. it made me even like OKRs for the firt time. ;) thanks to this team.