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2 day ws

# 2 day ws
firmware update beepy

## day 1

to get everyone starting in an energising way, we made an impromtu networking with the question: i know this about this project and because ... thats the reason i am here.

how was your experience as an s3 round.

vision presentation and hello as proposal
consent good enough for now, safe enough to start?

### driver first iteration
in two seperate steps. 1-all first for current situation and observed things. and also possible for first effects from that. directly in one step.

next the same for needs and impact.

after it was all on the table, we aknowledged that this is our combined and shared understanding of our driver.

details still matching?
details touchpoints of touchpoints

i thought about using the sociocracy3.0 team canvas, but decided silently to use it as a checklist for questions to ask during the diskussions.

not knowing what to do next, i brought that to the team using 25x10 as the next liberating structure. after that in cleared up and people wanted to dig deeper. difficult here was the following situation:
the two guys were earlier put into the project and wanted to invite the other people, so that they all own it collaboratively. a difficult balance between showing to much and paving the way or finding the path together. 

## day 2

to create more concrete todos, we did an ecocycle planning. i was not sure if it can really help, but as cards were put into the 6 different fields it was overwhelming how good it worked for us. along with great diskussions we managed to put the big picture into a frame that looked more stable. a good baseline to go on and refine those items into a backlog.

we did't achieved that in two days, which was a very high goal to ourselves, but i think we created the maximum possible for us within the given time.

next up is creating a concrete backlog to start with.

for later we put a "key result connection game" to place all items in a strategy compliant way.